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Karl's Corner - 05/29/2000

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Ok folks, I'm now officially getting way too many emails to answer them all... It was bound to happen... so please dont be sad if i dont answer your email. Mostly I'm getting flooded by requests that weezer play Detroit, Texas, Florida, and Philadelphia. I can only say at this point that , YES weezer is intending to do a full USA tour, but NO, its not planned enough to report any details yet. And YES that also goes true for recording a new album. If things go as planned in the next few months, BOTH an album and USA/worldwide touring will be happening. When, exactly? Just stay tuned, and thanks for being patient.

Also, for those wishing to express their support for the band, heres a link to "Project Weezer", which is a grass roots fan campaign that was recently pointed out to me. According to project leader JuLs Kuna, it is "a project for fans to tell Weezer how much they love them". Go check it out!

Pat Wilson tells me he has 4 or possibly more Special Goodness shows lined up, before weezer hits the road. I dont know the exact details, but all are in LA. The shows are on June 3 and 4, i think at the Opium Den, and the 11th and 12th, I think- one is at the Dragonfly, the other at Spaceland. I'll try to get some more details on this.