Karl's Corner - 07/01/2004

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07/01/04 ain't no cure

...letter o' the week!
"Ever since i was little dude i loved ur band, my friends hate it n sayn its *** but what do they know, they listen to crap rap! Anywho, i know the odds of u replying to me are extremely slim, heck i could probly swear at u and tell u that your band sucks (wich it does not) and u probably wouldnt even read it or sespong it. O well, im just praying that ur genna answer my e-mail. Im 14 n i heard of u when i was like 6! Well dude, i gotta go, my friends are trying to team up n kick my ass at halo, I'll waste em'.
Yeah man if u can, e-mail me back k dude. *******@hotmail.com.
if u do e-mail me back it'll probly be in two years. L8er man."

...welcome to summer! And in the spirit of summertime fireworks, apple pies, and muscle cars, a note that the Wilson hot rod magazine article rumors were true... Hitting the stands on July 13th is the Sept '04 issue of Chevy High Performance. This issue shows Pat's extremely powerful car on the cover (in the upper right corner) and contains a multi page article all about Pat and his car, a fine '67 Chevelle hot rod, which he recently completed a major overhaul on. The article talks extensively about the car's history and tech specs, and interviews Pat about both his muscle car lust and weezer. Check it out!

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...The e-mails that have been coming in are demonstrating many fans' increasing curiosity about whats going on and what to expect in the weez world. Well, while the details have shifted a few times, the "big picture" is no different than before. Those with long memories may recall how by this point it was assumed that the band would be in the studio working on album 5. Well, we're not too far off schedule, actually. The extensive demo work that Rivers has been doing for most of the spring is now winding down - later than expected, but the extra work he put in has apparently really paid off in the songs.

The next few weeks will be transitional, but there isnt yet a solid schedule in place. The goal is to shift from the current 'demo' situation into band rehearsals, where the guys will get their parts sorted out on the songs, and then move on to the recording session. Though things are behind where we originally thought theyd be at this point, the goal is still to get the recording done by summer's end, setting up an album release (+ eventually the touring everyones been asking about) by either late this year or early next year. It is true that Rivers has been considering a semester of school this fall before the albums release, but this has been dicussed by the band, and its understood that the school break wouldn't interfere with the album's release, as most albums have a 3-4 month period of planning, marketing, etc, before release anyway - about the amount of time the semester would require. So.... we shall see how it all plays out!

...as mentioned on thespecialgoodness.com recently, weez drummer Pat had a little re-aquainting of his own with original weezer bassist Matt Sharp, out at Rancho Wilson de la Suburbia. So finally, after quite a long time, both Rivers, Brian, and Pat have all re-connected with the Sharp man, which has gone a long way towards easing a few forehead wrinkles and setting old feelings straight. And to the many who have written in with their questions: no, there is no talk of Matt re-joining weezer. Everyone in the band is very happy with Scott and plan on working with him indefinitely as a full member. Meanwhile Matt is very happy with, and is focusing wholly on, his solo work and his collaborations with other artists (such as the excellent Goldenboy and, as some may recall, Rivers, a few months ago), and is currently planning his own touring to support his recently released (and very cool) solo acoustic album.

...as ever, when more confirmed details are known, it will be here first!