Karl's Corner - 08/19/2006

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08/19/06 they don't know who we be

karl koch, photography © 2006

*** Update 9/1 *** The Brian Bell Fan Interview '06 is now up here. It will also be hosted here on weezer.com shortly. Kudos to Brian from Acrosstheweez for gathering and compiling, and thanks to you for sending in the questions!

*** Update 8/31 *** Hey, check out Brian's new music thang: The Relationship. Theres a new track playing in his myspace player, and he's looking for friends!

...A Public Service Announcement from the weez: We right here!

(except for Pat who's on a family vacation right now)

this PSA has been brought to you by the fine guacamole dip at Scott Shriner's house, co-sponsored by a ring of fine cheese, and a dish of fresh figs from the back yard. Now please, take those "weezer split?" headlines and place them firmly into the "Don't believe the hype" bin. And have yourself a fine afternoon now.