Karl's Corner - 09/15/2012

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2012/09/15 Baltimore, MD: Inner Harbor: Charm City Music Festival

...After an all night drive thru the rolling misty mountains of Western new York and Pennsylvania, we pulled into Baltimore in the late morning, affording a few hours for chilling before heading down to the Charm City Music Festival, in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Today's show is a festival featuring Jah Works, The All Mighty Senators who I remember were already rocking Baltimore in my late 80s MICA days, old DGC labelmates from the 90s Southern Culture On The Skids, Stephen Marley, and the ever ebullient Flogging Molly, before Weezer takes the stage tonight. We haven't played Baltimore very many times, so this is a treat, especially since nearly everyone in the band is a fan of John Waters, "Diner" and "The Wire".