Karl's Corner - 10/13/2011

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2011/10/13 Weezer Cruise News Updates


...Today we traveled down to Pensacola, Florida, in preparation for tomorrows show at the beach-side Deluna Fest! [NOTE that single day tickets to this year's festival on Pensacola Beach are in fact available, just $75! See

So, it was a day on planes trains and automobiles, and now, after plane delays and random obstacles, we are finally looking at a beautiful ocean side beach. But no boats! We're saving the boating experience for this coming January, when we're going on the Weezer Cruise - and we hope you'll join us! Speaking of which, heres some updates and news about the action you can expect on our 4 day outing on the Carnival Destiny, with 3 weezer shows, 16 other bands, and a whole mess of cool unique activities, many with the band members of weezer and the other bands! (Not to mention my first DJ set since 1992).


If you haven't seen Weezer's latest cruise video yet, check it out here! Watch as Pat gives you a sneak peak at the Carnival Destiny - your ship for The Weezer Cruise.

Onboard Activity Update

People's Choice Theme Night
We're leaving the third and final theme night up to YOU! Check your email inboxes for todays email newsletter - it includes a suggestion box so you can send in your ideas. Let us know what your idea of a great theme night is no later than Friday, October 21st. We'll narrow down the results and let everyone vote on the top suggestions in the next email. If you have any tech issues, you can also email your Theme Night suggestion to theweezercruise (at) sixthman.net.

For those of you new to the theme night concept - listen up! Each night of the cruise, we will have a fun theme for you to dress up for. They're not mandatory, but they are a ton of fun. Even if you don't participate, they make for some GREAT people watching! So far our themes are Ugly Sweater Night and 80s Prom Night.


More Band-Hosted Activities

Cannonball Contest
Join Jason and Bob from Sebadoh in one of the most important contests of your life (well, of this cruise at least). Can you make the biggest splash? Or will you win based solely on your unique or outrageous cannonball form? Come show us what you've got, and become King or Queen of the Cannonball! No signups necessary - just show up and we'll pick participants from the crowd.

Bellyflop Competition Wondering what you can do while passing the time between shows? Bellyflops. That's right, bellyflops. The Antlers will be your judges - all you have to do is put on the best show as you take the painful plunge, belly first! No signups necessary. Just meet by the pool and we'll pull contestants out of the audience. There can only be one Weezer Cruise Bellyflop Champion. Are you that champion?

Rock Bingo This ain't your grandma's Bingo. Actually, it's pretty dang close to your grandma's Bingo, but on a cruise ship full of Weezer fans. That automatically makes our Bingo way cooler. Oh, and its going to be hosted by Free Energy. Hang out with musicians, play some Bingo, win some onboard credit - what's not to love? Show up and make grandma proud!


Doug Loves Movies

Comedian Doug Benson has joined The Weezer Cruise! Doug Benson will be onboard to host a live Doug Loves Movies podcast in the Palladium Lounge. He will host a member of Weezer (to be chosen) as his guest during the podcast.


Here's your chance to see BOTH indoor Weezer shows!

Yep - you read it correctly! This is your one and only chance to see BOTH indoor Weezer shows on the cruise as part of our referral program! If you have friends that want to join you, now's the time to start convincing them to jump onboard!

Each month from now until the cruise, we'll pick a lucky cruiser to score two tickets to the show they aren't already in. All you need to do to enter is refer your friends to book a new cabin. We'll take all of the cabins with the referral box filled in and enter the referrers into the drawing each month. Keep in mind that each time you refer someone, you also get $100 onboard credit - so even if you don't win, you still kinda do.

Here's what you need to do: The guest booking the new cabin must put YOUR Sixthman Username in the REFERRAL field when placing their reservation. (Not your name. Not your email address. Just your Sixthman Username.) Referrals are not retroactive, and cannot be added after the reservation has been made. Please note referrals do not apply during the pre-sale period, or after the final payment date. You may not use your username as a referral for your own cabin. All guests who have referred new cabins up to this point will be automatically entered into the drawing.


...There is a ton more information including the devastatingly fun and full schedule of shows, activities, events, and other info over on http://www.theweezercruise.com - check it out, you will thank yourself!