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Karl's Corner - 11/11/2006

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11/11/06 the kontinued kibbles

various, photography © 2006

...Pat just did an interview for 88.1 WBFH in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and they will be airing it on the station, with an online stream here (click on the "hear us" icon), this coming Wednesday, 11/15. It will be aired during a show called "Rock Your Face Off!", at 4 PM EST. (Kudos to Keifer the interviewer).

...also see ChartAttack for a brand new interview with OG weez man/Rentals man Matt Sharp. Included is interesting discussion of Weezer-y things. (hat tip: weerez.com)

...theres been a small delay, but a new media item should indeed be up soon.

...todays photo is a monstrous montage of Chad from Kentucky's brand new weezer ink (a bit ghoulishly fresh, "I'll be taking Weezer to the grave" says Chad), princesskatie's '06 Weez-O-Lantern, and a guy named Calvin's Rivers impression. Yes, its now well past Halloween, but as Johnny Cash said, "I dont like it but i guess things happen that way."