Karl's Corner - 11/11/2012

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2012/11/11 Orlando, FL: Hard Rock Live: Memories Pinkerton

...Night two of the Florida Memories duo was one for all time. 16 years (!) after we teamed up with Ash in Florida back in 12/96 on the Pinkerton Tour, all the pieces of that 90's puzzle were back in play, probably only a few miles from where it had all gone down before. Only this time Ash had more than '1977' to draw off of for their setlist, While weezer specifically played only their '96 album, plus a set of hits and rarities. For the second night I did my best to share some of the old school history with a Pinkerton themed slideshow during the intermission. When the final set started, the giant Hiroshige (Pinkerton cover) backdrop was revealed and set the mood properly - for the rock, the sadness, and the triumph of that crazy little 90's album that means so much to so many, done up live and furious. The crowd went bananas. Thank you Ash, and thank you Orlando!