Kraft Work

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"Kraft Work"
Kraft Work cover
Album track by Southern Fried Swing
Album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Released 2003
Length 1:43
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status Officially released
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound track listing
"Kraft Work"

"Kraft Work" is the eighteenth track from the album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound by Southern Fried Swing. The song is a parody of the music created by the 70s' German electronic group Kraftwerk. The song heavily parodies the group's music, imitating them in the instrumentation and lyricism.


I am computing
And I am loving
And controlling
And I'm something else

And I'm doing something
And then I'm going to the store

I've got a lovely guy
He gardens all my bushes for me
It's a good time for a story
Come around, and sit right down



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