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The List of Space Twins demos attempts to cite every known demo session by the Space Twins, Weezer guitarist Brian Bell's side project. It also lists any known bootlegs of live shows.


During the last half of the nineties, and well into the new century, Bell and the solidified Space Twins lineup made quite a few recordings in an effort to not only land a record deal, but evolve their sound. Some of these sessions were documented on cassette (particularly the earliest recordings) or CD, and distributed either to clubs - for the purposes of booking - or labels. Some of these recordings have leaked over the years. Most recently, boardie countchocula uploaded some of these recordings at Allthingsweezer in November of 2009. Some of these recordings contained songs that were otherwise unreleased.


Recorded early 1994. Karl Koch, from the Weezer Recording History: I believe this was Brian's first Space Twins demo. It was recorded with his then-girlfriend Susan Fox, at an unknown LA location.

Space Twins

Self-titled, this is the second known Space Twins demo, recorded in late 1994.

We Are The Space Twins

Recorded in spring 1995 in Los Angeles. This demo was posted at Allthingsweezer in November 2009.

1996 Demo

This demo was posted at Allthingsweezer in November 2009. there has been some debate over the validity of this demo. Possible correction forthcoming.

1997 Demo

This demo was posted at Allthingsweezer in November 2009.

1998 Demo

Karl, from the Recording History: Demo of Brian's songs (not really Weezer nor Space Twins). Brian had four songs that everyone enjoyed playing at rehearsal. When it was suggested that they could record these as a demo, Rivers decided that he didn't want to do them for Weezer. So Pat and Mikey played on it and it became a kind of Space Twins demo that sounds like Weezer playing the songs. Details on this should come when the summer/fall 1998 tapes are examined at last.

  • "Butterfly Collector" (previously a Space Twins song)
  • "Seventeen" (later became a Space Twins song)
  • "Lara" (later became a Space Twins song)
  • "Trudy Truelove" (later became a Space Twins song)

1999 Summer Demo

Karl: This is a cd demo, "Space Twins" and a contact # is printed on the disc.

1999 Fall Demo

This demo was posted at Allthingsweezer in November 2009. Karl: Brian had a small run of CD's pressed up for this demo (25?). All the versions on this are quite different from earlier demos and 7"s. Note: some cd's of this have only 5 songs, I dont know which song is absent on those. These are cd demos, "space twins" and a contact # are printed on the discs.

  • "Rust Colored Sun"
  • "Louder Than Lies"
  • "There's Always Tomorrow"
  • "On The Other Side"
  • "Butterfly Collector"
  • "Goddess of Love"

Unidentified Demo #1

Shortly after the 1999 Fall Demo, a demo containing new mixes of three songs emerged. Details forthcoming.

  • "Rings Of Saturn"
  • "Rust Colored Sun"
  • "Louder Than Lies"

Unidentified Demo #2

A four-track demo from the early 2000s was recently listed at online consignment retailers for $100. Among the four songs were two uncirculated songs, "Lara", and "Happiness". Details forthcoming.

Live bootlegs

Spaceland, Hollywood

Recorded 11/15/95. This show was posted at Allthingsweezer in November 2009.

  1. "Vacation States"
  2. "180 Degrees"
  3. "Take My Place"
  4. "No Show"
  5. "Don't Wake Me Up"
  6. "Smells Like...Hot Dogs"
  7. "My Love"
  8. "In Detail"
  9. "Waste Another Minute"

Club Cocodrie, San Francisco

Co-headline show with The Special Goodness on 11/25/99. Both sets bootlegged.

  1. "Osaka Aquabus"
  2. "Louder Than Lies"
  3. "Rings of Saturn"
  4. "Burn in Black"
  5. "Rust Colored Sun"
  6. "Goddess of Love"
  7. "Final Voyage"

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