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Screenshot of the original Recording History, 2000

Recording History is the name of an extensive chronological overview of demo and studio recordings made by Weezer and its band members, dating from the late 80s to 2005. It has been compiled over many years by Karl Koch.


Koch originally introduced the Recording History in 2000 on, the predecessor to the band's official website. It was initially titled Weezer and it's "cousins": a recording history. The Recording History was then incorporated into the "info" section on, where it was continually updated and expanded. The last update was made in 2011 to reflect new recordings discovered during the curation process for the deluxe edition reissue of Pinkerton, namely the song "Tragic Girl." A 2014 website update removed a forward-facing Recording History, meaning the archive was no longer widely available online. User:Donny transcribed the entire archive onto Weezerpedia in 2016, providing small formatting updates and editorial adjustments to Koch's work.

Like many of Koch's archival projects, the Recording History is an ongoing, incomplete effort. It chronicles Weezer members' musical projects through the Make Believe recording process. As of October 2023, Koch is considering plans to expand the archive alongside Weezerpedia editors.[citation needed]

Editorial notes

Koch provides the following editorial notes on Page 1 of the archive:

1) When a song is in guillemots (i.e.: «Song Title» as opposed to "Song Title") that means that there is no definite title for that song, it was/is only known (to this author) by this assumed title.

2) Tables were used to help organize many lists of songs, and recording sessions.However, they are not used everywhere. When there is no table, there are often "bullets" to guide your eyes to song titles. Example:

  • "Song Title"

3) Not everything in the History is really a song. I decided to leave most of the "extras" in, as it seemed weird to pretend they didn't exist. Nonsense recordings, experiments, and untitled jam sessions are listed as best as could be managed without confusing everyone even more. The line was drawn at stuff that was so raw as to be simply (for example) a drum track with nothing added, or personal non-music recordings.
- Karl Koch

Recording History pages

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(1987 - Feb. 1991)
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(Late 1990 - Jan. 1992)
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(Feb. 1992 - Sept. 1992)
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