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Missing cover
Album track by The Relationship
Album Clara Obscura
Released April 18, 2017
Length 2:39
Label Rebel Union Recordings/Lolipop Records
Writer(s) Brian Bell
Producer(s) Nic Jodoin
Status officially released
Clara Obscura track listing
"Break Me Open"

"Missing" is a song by The Relationship. It is Track 1 of their second album, Clara Obscura.


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I’m missing
Missing the way that you stroke your hair
Missing the rage of you when you swear
I miss you, yeah
I’m missing and wishing you were here by me

I thought I’d
Have much more fun being on my own
Not too fun spending Christmas alone
Checking my phone
I’m missing and wishing you were here by me

It took too long to see that I was wrong
You had every right to leave and move on
Did those love notes you wrote mean anything at all?
I read them so much that it drained my eyeballs
Is there hope for us?

Do you remember that funeral you attended?
Had the epiphany how short life is
Will you please forgive?

I’m missing
Missing the sound of your midwest voice
Now I’m bound to make the right choice
Silence the noise
I’m missing
I’m missing
I’m missing and wishing you were here

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