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Out the Window

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"Out the Window"
Out the Window cover
Song by Ozma
Album Boomtown
Released 2014
Length 3:32
Label Self-Released
Writer(s) Jose Galvez
Producer(s) Ozma
Status Officially released
Boomtown track listing
"Blue Love"
"Out the Window"

"Out the Window" is the ninth track from Boomtown.



Notable about this song, it is only one of two Ozma song to be written and sung wholly by Jose Galvez. The first one being The Doubble Donkey Disc's Immigration Song.



Get some rest tonight,
Swing by you at nine,
I've got directions
torn out sections for you.

So leave your work behind,
I'm sure your friends are fine,
No need to worry,
There's no hurry at all.

And get your favorite tune,
we'll be there by noon,
I'm all jazzed up
I can't contain my love, for you

Your foot out the window
we're driving so fast
my heart beating the way it is
We need to make this last

Get some rest tonight,
It's me and you tonight.

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