Ozma concert: 07/28/2001

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Ozma concert: 07/28/2001
Venue Liquid Music
Location Pasadena, CA
Date July 28, 2001
Associated album Doubble Donkey Disc
Bootleg Video in circulation
Ozma live show chronology
07/27/2001 - San Diego, CA 07/28/2001 - Pasadena, CA 07/29/2001 - Redlands, CA

Ozma performed at Liquid Music in Pasadena, CA on July 28, 2001. This was an in-store performance not associated with any larger tour[clarification needed].


No. Title
1. "Eponine"    
2. "You Know the Story"    
3. "Landing of Yuri Gagarin"    
4. "Korobeiniki"    
5. "Turtleneck Coverup"    
6. "Rocks"    
7. "The Business of Getting Down"    


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