Poisoned Corn

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"Poisoned Corn"
Poisoned Corn cover
Album track by Southern Fried Swing
Album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Released 2003
Length 1:28
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status Officially released
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound track listing
"Gang of Tanqueray"
"Poisoned Corn"
"Texas Horse Clinic"

"Poisoned Corn" is the fifteenth track from the album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound by Southern Fried Swing.


It wasn't as easy as they said to
Grow food on the plantation of love, when I
Indians came and poisoned the corn
I couldn't build a barn for Bjorn
I'm trying to make my cake
But there's a problem, I don't know how to bake

Have you considered dating?
With critters who aren't people?
I had a lovely time last night with a cow named
"Cryin' Fatifa"

No, we didn't talk much
No, we didn't do much
But boy, them were good 'taters
And we ate out in the trough

When can I do it again?
Her grandmother wasn't so pleased
A disease
It dis-eased me
And I was seized
With painful clean
And a sheen

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