Rob Ahlers

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Rob Ahlers
Background information
Years active 1993–present
Associated acts
The Chance
Third Grade Teacher
50 Foot Wave
The Jason Cropper Band

Rob Ahlers is a multi-instrumentalist musician and producer who resides in Oakland, California.


Rob Ahlers released his first EP titled Chance alongside the band, The Chance in 1993. Since then, Ahlers has performed with numerous bands, including the band he cofounded in 2003, 50 Foot Wave. Ahlers has served as the drummer for 50 Foot wave since the band's creation in 2003, until their most recent album in 2016.

In 2019 Ahlers assisted musicians Jason Cropper and Brian J. Kenny in forming The Jason Cropper Band. Ahlers performed guitar alongside Cropper and Kenny at the band's inaugural show the same year, and has switched between playing drums and keyboard for the band since then. Additionally, Ahlers performs drums on the singles for Cropper's forthcoming album and has contributed in producing the album alongside Cropper and David Skaff.

Although Rob Ahlers is most famous for being a percussionist, he is also just as fluent in instruments such as keyboard, guitar, bass, and vocals.

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