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An image of the 1995 and 1996 Secret Surprises

The "Secret Surprises" were small trinkets given annually to members of the Weezer Fan Club in the 90s. They were designed by fan club founders, Mykel and Carli Allan.

List of Secret Surprises

  • 1995 – The first Secret Surprise, sent to fan club members in 1995, was a viewfinder keychain featuring an image of the band at Bearsville Studios in June 1995, taken by Karl Koch. The viewfinder is blue, and features the text "weezer fanclub ‘95" in gold. Koch explained that the photo used was chosen because he did not have other recent photos of the band, and it was necessary to use one he had taken for copyright purposes.[1]: 164
  • 1996 – The second Secret Surprise, distributed in 1996, was a yellow zipper pull. On one side there is a blue Flying =W= logo, and on the other is the text "weezer fanclub 1996". A sticker of the band was also included. The zipper pull was chosen as a cost-cutting measure, as there were many more fan club members by this point and a less expensive item to produce and ship needed to be chosen.[1]: 218
  • 1997 (unreleased) – The 1997 Secret Surprise would not be released to members due to the death of the Allan sisters, who coordinated their production (amongst many other facets of the fan club). However, a prototype sample pen, produced by the same company who had created the previous years' items, was found when searching through the fan club archives. Koch speculates that it is likely to have been the Secret Surprise for this year.[1]: 287 The pen is white (black on the ends), and is covered by the text "WEEZER FAN CLUB" in various colors.
  • 1998 (substitute) – As a result of the fan club's limited funds, a proper Secret Surprise could not be released this year either. Instead, vinyl fan club stickers (which were initially printed to be used in new member packages) were sent sporadically to existing club members as a substitute. According to Koch, its design hailed from '70s commercials for Honeycomb cereal; the "Honeycomb Hideout" is replaced with a Weezer Hideout. The sticker was not officially announced as being released to members, and it is unclear whether all members actually received one.[1]: 333


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