Sheraton Commander

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600px-Gnome globe current event.svg.png This article pertains to something that is currently in production and expected to be released.
Information on this page is subject to change as more is found out about this release.
"Sheraton Commander"
Album track by Weezer
Album SZNZ: Winter
Released December 21, 2022
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status Release forthcoming
Live debut September 19, 2022 in West Hollywood, CA

"Sheraton Commander" is a song from Weezer's forthcoming EP, SZNZ: Winter.



Rivers Cuomo confirmed in February of 2022 that "Sheraton Commander" would feature an interpolation of a piece of classical music.[1] The piece in question is "Adagio in G minor" by the Italian Baroque-era composer Tomaso Albinoni. The eponymous Sheraton Commander is a hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Harvard University, where Cuomo attended.

Weezer (under the Goat Punishment moniker) performed SZNZ: Winter in its entirety (including "Sheraton Commander") at a secret show in West Hollywood on September 19, 2022, months ahead of the EP's release.



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Oh, Sheraton Commander
Oh, how I long to be there
Slow waltzing over the bridge
Lost in a beautiful hymn
No, I’m not one of the kids
There you are
George Washington, he took command
At the foot of the tree
I took my pill, I caught a chill
I remember these streets
But it all doesn’t mean
What it used to to me

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