Spidermonkey Suicide

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"Spidermonkey Suicide"
Spidermonkey Suicide cover
Album track by Sonnyboy
Album Dad Eye
Released 2003
Length 3:07
Label Amorphous Records
Status Officially released
Dad Eye track listing
"Parasites Pariahs"
"Spidermonkey Suicide"
Mass Movement pt.1"

"Spidermonkey Suicide" is the eleventh track from the album Dad Eye by Sonnyboy.



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Oh no
I'm feeling sorry for
Myself again
Don't go away
My dear old dad
I need a friend

Oh god I'm
So pathetic
I should just die
Hey, Dusty, where's my medic?
I need to get high

Having a spider monkey day
Maybe we should just go away
Having a spider monkey day
You don't have to know what to say
On this spider monkey day

I know I'm dumb
But I'm not that dumb
I know I'm dumb
But I'm not that dumb

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