Stranded by the Sea

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"Stranded by the Sea"
Stranded by the Sea cover
Album track by The Relationship
Album Clara Obscura
Released April 18, 2017
Length 2:53
Label Rebel Union Recordings/Lolipop Records
Writer(s) Brian Bell, Luther Russell & Debra Gussin
Producer(s) Nic Jodoin
Status officially released
Clara Obscura track listing
"Stranded By the Sea"
"This Year's Children"

"Stranded by the Sea" is a song by The Relationship. It is the ninth track on their second album, Clara Obscura.


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One A.M. without you messes with my mind
All it takes is the rhythm of rain to put me in rewind
Daybreak I search for you down at the deserted pier
Where your lips first locked with mine and nothing else was clear

I crave the way your love washed over me
Still in a haze and stranded by the sea

The darkness won’t let go since the summer’s gone
Hoping that you’ll find your way back, I leave the lamplight on
You and your city dreams left me by the bay
I’m stuck in your quicksand and so our story waits

Now what will be of the hold you have on me?
My gravity is stranded by the sea

I shout out to the waves as they come crashing in
They only answer me with memories of your skin
I’m lost in the confusion, why did you leave?
Were you just too afraid of where the rush would lead?

I crave the way your love washed over me
Will you come back, or will I forever be
Stranded by the sea?

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