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Suzy Shinn

Suzy Shinn is an American producer, songwriter, and engineer based in Los Angeles. She has worked with Weezer on multiple albums.


After attending Berklee College of Music and interning at a studio in Los Angeles, Shinn was hired as the in-house engineer for producer Jake Sinclair [1]. She is a credited engineer on Weezer's self-titled 2016 album (The White Album), which was produced by Sinclair. She is also credited as an engineer on Weezer's 2017 single "Feels Like Summer" (later released on Pacific Daydream), and as a vocal engineer on Weezer's self-titled 2019 album (The Teal Album). Shinn is the producer of Weezer's 2020 album, Van Weezer, and is, presumably, the "Suzy" mentioned by name in the lyrics of the album's lead single, "The End of the Game".

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