Swept Away

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Swept Away
Studio album by Daniel Brummel and the Contraband
Producer(s) Bruce Witkin


Swept Away is an unreleased album by Daniel Brummel and the Contraband. All known songs that were meant to be on the album have either bootlegs or demos released for them. "My Subconscious" would later appear as the sixth track on Sanglorians' 2013 album, Initiation.

Daniel on Swept Away

Daniel speaking about Swept Away on the Ozmafan Forums in 2005[1]:

When I started recording the contraband album "Swept Away" that never got finished or released, I was optimistic and wanted to tell everyone about it... then I fell into debt as Ozma kept rolling around the US in a van over and over. I had a CD backup of the drums, keyboards, & guitar tracks that I recorded with Bruce Witkin (Ozma producer) for it but they weren't really headed in the right direction and when I moved to new york every CD I owned was stolen including those, as well as the Roland XP-30 which powered the contraband. I hope Bruce still has his backups. a few of those songs will definitely see the light of day at some point cause I love them dearly. "My Subconscious" "10:04 PM" "Love That No One Knows" etc.

- Daniel Brummel, [citation needed]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "My Subconscious"    
2. "10:04 PM"    
3. "Love That No One Knows"    

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