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The Pain is Constant and sharp.


Speculation of Origin

Little is known about the origins of the pain. Some suspect the cryptic Oracle may know origins of the pain. The pain did, however, make a sharp rise in the 20th century in the Swedish laboratory of Dr. Helack. Sgt. Hinnage and Sgt. Michalek fought valiantly to destroy the evil doctor, and did so, but were unaware of the Doctor's seed, Dr. Melack.

The Rise of Hogan

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Whilst seeking to find the plague of Hinnage's pain, a young farm boy from rural Texas named Ben Hogan stumbled upon the proponent of The Pain himself, Dr. Melack. In the early era of the saga, prominent minions of Dr. Melack such as Islandjuice and Miatafreak played an integral role in impeding Hogan's quest. However, with the aid of Shep and the Oracle, Hogan managed to overcome these forces.

Connection To Rivers Cuomo

There are multiple references to The Pain throughout the history of Weezer. It is speculated that when Rivers went into seclusion between Pinkerton and The Green Album he discovered the true source and has since been traumatized, thus rendering his artistic output mediocre.

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Hurley and The New Era

Although not directly mentioned in the song, "Trainwrecks," a song off Weezer's 2010 album, is directly influenced by The Pain. According to Shep, the song is used by the band to usher in a new era where The Pain will finally realize it's ultimate goal... world domination.

Opponents of The Pain

  • Ben Hogan
  • Shep
  • Random Hero
  • The Oracle
  • Jack Allen
  • Dr. Parnassus

Proponents of The Pain

Unknown Stance regarding The Pain

  • Last Chance

The Pain in Media

For a complete list of Weezer-related songs about The Pain, see: Weezer songs about The Pain

  • The Pain is the subject of the second single by the A6 Transcontinental Supergroup, entitled "The Ballad of Dr. Melack".
  • The A6 Transcontinental Supergroup's third single, "The Ballad of the Assassins of Justice" chronicles the fight against the Pain.
  • In The Lunatic's song "Earth-two", ohjonas sings about experiencing The Pain.
  • In the Bloodstone Telephony Candy Store Remix of Rhianna's 2007 single "Umbrella", The Pain replaces rain in the lyrics; i.e. "baby it's painin', painin', it's pourin' pain, it's pourin' pain"
  • Sir Paul McCartney tells us to refrain any time we feel The Pain in the single "Hey Jude" by The Beatles

Characteristics of The Pain

  • RoboShep emitted the sound "buzz clank clank buzz clank buzz clank" as it consumed Shep. This is the only known recording of its sound.
  • The afflicted have reported numerous colors. Purple Pizzazz, Razzmatazz, Xanadu, and Purple Mountain’s Majesty have been recorded consistently. There has only been one account of Neon Carrot.
  • It is intergalactic in nature.

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