The Prince Who Wanted Everything

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"The Prince Who Wanted Everything"
The Prince Who Wanted Everything cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Weezer (The Black Album)
Released March 1, 2019
Recorded 2018
Length 3:23
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo/Brian Bell/Luther Russell
Producer Dave Sitek
Status officially released
Weezer (The Black Album) track listing
"Too Many Thoughts in My Head"
"The Prince Who Wanted Everything"

"The Prince Who Wanted Everything" is the eighth track from The Black Album. It was co-written with guitarist Brian Bell, as well as Luther Russell, who has frequently collaborated with Bell.


Rivers Cuomo has confirmed that the eponymous "Prince" is, in fact the musician of the same name. From an interview with Entertainment Weekly[1]:

[EW:] On the track “The Prince Who Wanted Everything,” you have phrases like “funk-rock riffs” and “paisley bones.” Is that song about Prince?
[Cuomo] It didn’t start out to be about Prince. But as I was working on the song and listening to it every day, I just couldn’t help but be reminded of him and his story. I was such a big Prince fan from probably about age 20, even before Weezer started. I just started tweaking the lyrics to make some Prince references.

In an interview with Spanish magazine Rockzone, Brian Bell described the song as originally having a more direct, lively sound. He expressed dissatisfaction with Dave Sitek's "swing" approach to the song, and wondered if he should have asked for the song to be removed from the album's track list [2].



Do do do do

Once upon a time there was a prince
He tried to save the world with funk rock riffs
Look at him now, oh!
Look at him now, oh!
On cobblestones

He's the prince who wanted everything
He's the prince who wanted everything

Ooh, his hair was very Joan Baez
And his fans would auction off his autographs
Look at him now, oh!
Look at him now, oh!
His paisley bones

Because life will make a beggar of rich men
Bring the sovereign to his knees
And all the gold and all of the platinum
Melting like a drop in the seas
The only way (only way) to escape (to escape)
Is to dance, dance, dance in the flames

All the courtiers would genuflect
Kiss the ring, secure a bonus check
Where are they now? Oh!
Where are they now? Oh!
In red Corvettes

They left the prince who wanted everything
He's the prince who wanted everything

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