Timothy "Speed" Levitch

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"Speed" Levitch with Pat Wilson in 2002

Timothy "Speed" Levitch is an American actor, poet, tour guide, and speaker. He is the subject of the 1998 Bennett Miller film The Cruise. He is likely the inspiration of the song "The Cruise" by The Rentals, and his spoken word poetry can be heard on the demo version of the song (with only one line sampled for the album release).

With Weezer

Described by Karl Koch in the Recording History as "Matt's weird buddy", Levitch contributed spoken-word vocals to a performance of Undone - The Sweater Song during the Philadelphia Y100 Sonic Sessions on June 27, 1997. Levitch would reprise this role for several Weezer shows the same year. He contributed to a performance of Undone again at a concert in New York in 2001 [1]. He has remained friends with the band, attending concerts in 2002 [2] and 2010 [3].


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