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2010/06/04 Kansas City, MO - City Market

2010/06/04 Kansas City, MO - City Market

...SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT -onsale SATURDAY JUNE 5th at 10AM: Weezer with Gaslight Anthem at the Allentown Fair, September 1st! *Ticket link*

...AND: Weezer is playing Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival on Sunday Sept 5 with Hole and Rise Against!

...howdy folks - another Weezer micro tour is underway! Everyone made their way into Kansas City last night, gearing up for the shows this weekend. Today is the Kansas City concert, taking place at the City Market with a bunch of other bands including Coheed And Cambria. Then on Saturday we play Milwaukee at the Verge Music Festival. Coming up next weekend is the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana and big bad Bonnaroo in Tennessee!

Well, one things for sure, there was a ton of ENERGY in the air tonight. Energy in the loud and raucous crowd, bursting at the seams, pushing the the City Market to its limits. Energy in the air, as strange winds whipped thru eveything threatening violent weather, but mercifully holding off. And energy on stage of course, as Rivers and the gang gave the crowd a unique blend of the what for and what they were looking for. There were some occasional technical oddities, like the entire lighting system getting unplugged for a while and some odd unintended sound effects creeping out of the synthesizers here and there, but for the most part things held together (like the Milennium Falcon) and we made the jump to lightspeed.

Tonight we had a quartet of fans join in on "If You're Wondering...". These enthusastic folks won a contest with the radio station, and they did it via auditioning. Brian ran thru the song with them prior to the show and proclaimed "they're ready".

Another dude came up on stage later, but that was by Rivers' request - he needed someone to crash into him to pop the balloon he had stuffed under his shirt. Yes. OK, it made sense at the time!

Big ups to out pal Timothy "Speed" Levitch (who you may recall from the '97 Y100 "Undone" session Sweater existential rap on "Video Capture Device"), who attended the show tonight. And if you dont know about Speed, well, get familiar! Kansas City, you are lucky to have him!

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...add your show stories here!

...did anyone catch Scott and his author wife Jillian on The Insider last night? I was in a plane at the time so I missed it.

...REMINDER: if you missed them, you can watch Weezer's "If Youre Wondering" performance on the Ellen Show here, and their performance of "Can't Stop Partying" on the George Lopez Show here.

...REMINDER: A casual and sass-riddled video interview with Brian on Robert Schwartzman (Rooney)'s Ustream page - Brian and Robert took live questions from fans on Twitter. Video stream here, part 1, part 2.