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Karl's Corner - 06/05/2010

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2010/06/05 Milwaukee, WI - Verge Fest

2010/06/05 Milwaukee, WI - Verge Fest

...SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT -onsale TODAY JUNE 5th at 10AM: Weezer with Gaslight Anthem at the Allentown Fair, September 1st! *Ticket link*

...Well, we're in Milwaukee and the music of the Verge Fest is echoing thru the canyons of the city. By a twist of touring fate, we are back in Milwaukee not too terribly long after last December's show at Eagles Ballroom. It's nice to be back here, this time sans winter coats. Later this evening we will find the stage and rock it appropriately...


Last night on the bus ride up from KC, we ran through one of the more violent thunderstorms I've witnessed in years, with blinding sheets of rain pummeling the bus and endless lightning bolts everywhere. By the time we got to Milwaukee in the morning, things seemed calm again. However, by afternoon heavy rain had found us again and the Verge Fest got wetter and wetter and wetter. By the time AFI was playing, things were positively brutal out there!

Then, as the crews moved the AFI gear off the stage and got the Weezer stuff ready to go, a cold breeze blew through and the rain tapered off, for the most part. Weezer fans rewarded for their patience, once again!




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...add your show stories here!

...weezer tribute band alert!
* Tweezer (back again!), will be playing the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ June 11th.