Trucks and Cars

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"Trucks and Cars"
Trucks and Cars cover
Song by Ozma
Album Ocho
Length 3:22
Writer(s) Ryen Slegr
Jose Galvez
Producer(s) Ozma
Status Released
Ocho track listing
"Just Tell Me When"
"Trucks and Cars"
"Stuck in the Ground"
Cuatro track listing
"So Down"
"Trucks and Cars"

"Trucks and Cars" is a song by Ozma. It appeared on the cassette demo tapes Cuatro in 1996 and Ocho in 1997.



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Jose Galvez recalls writing the song in the winter of 1994 after being heavily influenced by Weezer's Blue Album. Galvez also recalls most of the lyrics being lifted from a coffee table book entitled "Mother's Quotations".


Mother's quotations
Filling the cupboards
Setting the table
Right on time
Beautiful paintings
Hanging on the wall just right
Beautiful thoughts and days
Killing me tonight
She carries on with the words of her reckoning
She carries on with the stars and the sun
She carries on with the words of her beckoning
Songs of inaudible trucks and cars

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