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About me
Aboutme - User-Richie.jpg
Icon - Globe.png I live in Dublin.
I am 16 years old.
Icon - Sheet music.png My favorite song is About A Girl.
Icon - Pinkerton.png My favorite Weezer album is Pinkerton.
Icon - Scott Shriner is so hardcore.png Scott Shriner is so harcore he stood up to Elisha Cuthbert when nobody else would cause he is a hero
Icon - Lastfm.png I have a page.
Aboutme - KarlsCorner1.JPG I Check Karl's Corner Every Single Damn Day
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am anti-moustache.

Hello, my name is Richie. I am an impressionable 16 year old boy from Dublin(that's in Ireland). I like Weezer. I don't like facial hair. I know most of you are from albumsix, but you wouldn't know of me - I do have an account there, but I have nothing intelligent to say and just keep to myself rather than posting.

Favourite Weezer Songs

Weezer albums in order of preference