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This page is for the Weezer fan community. For the official fan club, see Weezer Fan Club.
The current Weezer Club banner as of 2020.

Weezer Club (formerly Army Of Babies) is the name of a Weezer fansite created in December 2018 in response to issues that forum users had with moderation on AllThingsWeezer.


Created in December of 2018, the forum acted as a replacement for other popular forum AllThingsWeezer before becoming the main site many users used. Many users had problems with how the old site was handled and it resulted in a separate forum, owned and operated by boardies Seth and Ressie. Almost immediately, the site had outgrown its predecessor and had become the premier Weezer forum. In September 2019, the website's name was changed to Weezer Club in hopes of making the website more accessible to other fans of the band. Two months later in December 2019, the website overwent a complete overhaul, with a new banner and various new features, such as the classic AJAX chat, known from the early days of AllThingsWeezer. As of February 2020, the website now has over 500 individual users and over 200,000 messages posted.


Weezer Club's main section is simply named Weezer, and it is host to much discussion of Weezer, their concerts, and associated acts. This section is most known as the source of the original leak of The Black Album, almost a full week before release. Weezer's manager, Dustin Addis, is also known to frequent this section of the forum and has given insight before on the behind-the-scenes of the band.

Along with the main Weezer section, there is an Other Music section, where various non-Weezer bands are discussed. There is also a Musician's Corner, where boardie musicians share their own songs. In 2019, this subforum was host to the creation of ArmyOfBabies​.​com Presents: The Black Album, where various boardies compiled their own songs to counter the release of the real Black Album.

In addition to the website's music discussion, the most active section is All Things Not Weezer, where boardies create off-topic threads and discuss topics that are otherwise not related to Weezer. Over 130,000 messages have been sent in this section of the website alone.

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