Weezer concert: 10/24/1992

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Weezer concert: 10/24/1992
Weezer concert: 10/24/1992 cover
Flyer by the venue.
Venue Doll Hut
Location Anaheim, CA
Date October 24, 1992
Other band(s) Joyride, Mad Dog
Weezer live show chronology
10/21/1992 - West Hollywood, CA
English Acid
10/24/1992 - Anaheim, CA 10/27/1992 - Los Angeles, CA
Coconut Teaszer

Weezer performed on a shared bill at Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA on October 24, 1992. The line up also included Joyride and Mad Dog.


NOTE: The following setlist is incomplete and indefinitive (see Historic event).

No. Title
1. "Paperface"    

Historic event

See Historic event: 10/24/1992

The Doll Hut is a legendary club where a lot of Orange County punk and rock bands cut their teeth back in the early 80's. Joyride set this gig up, having become buddies with weezer. Joyride was fronted by Steve Soto, who used to be in seminal SoCal punk band the Adolescents. The clubs atmosphere was basically a tough punk rock/biker bar vibe.

Rivers had fallen ill shortly before the show and was developing a severe throat condition. He was on the verge of collapsing and/or vomiting for the entire gig as the malady took hold of him. The band bowed out after playing a shortened set [which culminated in a very chaotic rendition of "Paperface"], and Rivers was sped home for an extended influenza experience that took him out of commission for several days. It wasnt the impression weezer was trying to make to the seasoned Orange County scene, but it would have to do! Also on the bill was Mad Dog.

Setlist: unknown
- Karl Koch


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  1. Partial setlist per: Historic event: 10/24/1992