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Weezerpedia Discord Q&A with Karl Koch - July 2023

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Burnst Jamp: @Karlophone Do you recall if TSG played on March 24 and March 25 2000 as part of their Spring 2000 tour? The old .net fansite lists those dates, alt.music.weezer seems split on the issue (people claim the tour wasnt meant to end until the 25th, but no one mentions actually attending either of these dates), and your tour diary indicates the tour was over on the 23rd. Are these phantom dates, cancelled shows, or real shows that slipped through the cracks of time?

Karl: definitely no TSG show in Boise ever. I would assume the seattle was was dropped too. i cant fully confirm till im back home though.

July 9, 2023 12:56 PM (#karlification)

Burnst Jamp: Similar question: Did they play at the Viper Room in winter of 2000 (around the time GP did shows, but not on the same day as one)? The fansite lists a December 20 show but there's nothing on Karl's Corner, tsg,com, or alt.music.weezer to indicate this
The fansite seems to have a lot of inaccurate/canceled dates in its list but none that have been totally pulled out of thin air

Karl: my first instinct is to say no, and i have no such memory, but i dont want to discount the possibility out of hand. remind me of what day the TSG show was near USC, was that one of the spring 2000 ones, or a later one in 2003?

Burnst Jamp: That one was April 5, 2003

Karl: ah thanks. ok when was the show at The Mint? im asking because these are shows that were LA, that i cant quite recall when they slot in. and therefore i might trigger a memory of this likely false (cancelled?) viper room show

Burnst Jamp: Less certain about that one since it wasn't very widely discussed, but a very early version of tsg.com advertised it as June 18th 2000

Karl: thast sounds about right..... i guess i need to pull out the TSG files! they do exist, i saved all the schedules, contracts etc as i was the defacto TM

July 9, 2023 2:20 PM (#karlification)

Moony B'deedle: @Karlophone are you still wearing the bracelet I must know

Karl: i had to take it off because it gets tangled up in the camera strap and etc. but it has a place of honor!

July 9, 2023 5:42 PM (#karlification)