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Weezerpedia Discord Q&A with Karl Koch - October 2023

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nimrod: karl whenever you get the chance do you mind providing the photos here because i'm really curious to see what is in here
Historic event: 03/17/1993
Historic event: 08/07/1993


October 4, 2023 8:24 PM (#karlification)

Karl: list of things ive not yet found/had time to properly dig for (the vault has a bad traffic flow problem at the moment)

1. cars goof off tracks (green) - what covers they comprise
2. gokuh magazine cover (issue that inspired lyrics to 'Gokuh')
3. original Hurley tracklist / possible audio therof (this i most likely do not have, but could possibly track the data down if not the audio)
4. umbrella shirt and other rare early merchandise items (ties into the merch =wp= project - i may just flood here with images and dates and you guys can gather and use there)
5. more/other pix from Brians first 2 shows (late 1993)
6. "my last song for you" 94/95 8 track rc demo (unmixed) - more info / confirm existence of audio if possible
7. 2003 "Memories" = 2010 "Memories"?
8. List of changes to DFTM tracks (from their original versions) (what you guys dont yet have/know?)
9. 98/99 "i want to be something" demo = same song as hurley song? (TBD if i have this - still to check for this and other such questions (like Hurley related #3 and #7 above): cassettes; "new arrivals CD pile" (mostly 2001-2010 stuff)
10. red album --> present day: recording history updates (project with you guys at the wheel of course, but info gathering/organizing is on me of course)

October 4, 2023 8:58 PM (#karlification)

BrokenBeatenDown: Are there any recording history updates that could be shared for The Red Album through EWBAITE? Curious about which songs had full band demos and potentially any early tracklists.

Karl: what you are asking for is exactly what ive been wanting to do since, like, the red album came out lol. I will amend the "list" i just posted with that. I feel like i could blast you guys with raw data and you could organize it as needed to continue the process - seeing as how we've grown =wp= well past that original recording history formatting??

October 4, 2023 9:05 PM (#karlification)