When Situations Get You Down

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"When Situations Get You Down"
When Situations Get You Down cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone VI: The Black Room
Released November 22, 2020
Recorded 2000
Length 0:41
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 430
COR# 124
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 429)
"When Situations Get You Down"
(RC# 430)
"She Says It's Not Enough"
(RC# 431)

"When Situations Get You Down" is a demo by Rivers Cuomo.



"When Situations Get You Down" was recorded by Cuomo in early 2000. The song was first heard when it was released as part of the digital compilation Alone VI: The Black Room in 2020.


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Situations where I go
Feeling like I'm ???
??? from everyone
Not enough for me to be ???

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