Wrestling Swamis

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"Wrestling Swamis"
Wrestling Swamis cover
Single by Carnival Art
Album Thrumdrone
Released 1991
Recorded N/A
Length unknown
Label Situation Two/Beggars Banquet/RCA
Writer(s) Music: Carnival Art/Lyrics: Michael P. Tak
Producer(s) Carnival Art, Tracy Chisolm
Status Released
Carnival Art singles chronology
Wrestling Swamis
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Thrumdrone track listing
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"Wrestling Swamis"

"Wrestling Swamis" is a single from Carnival Art's second album, "Thrumdrone."


Tracks one and two from this single are Thrumdrone album versions, four is an exclusive acoustic take, and three is a studio recording of a non-LP song that originally appeared in a live version on the Dig EP in 1990.

The cover art is credited to Maria Gibert, and the inside photo of the band is by Greg Allen.

Track listing

Wrestling Swamis CD & 12" (1991)

  1. "Wrestling Swamis"
  2. "Mr. Blue Veins"
  3. "No Thanks To Eve"
  4. "Mr. Blue Veins" (acoustic)



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A gutter drips and sounds like thunder on my passing brain
And echos down my spine into my loins
Examining the wrestling that spreads fear in the street
Its two bald swamis fighting to be free

Someone will pay
Someone will pay
Someone will pay
Not me

A sticky day the 7th of May
Ripples rise from the street
On the balls of my feet I bob without a sound
While the swamis bend like a sapling on a trampoline
I stick and move then try to sneak around

Someone will pay
Someone will pay
Someone will pay
Not me

I'll get away from their grappling
I'll get away from their war

Someone will pay
Someone will pay
Someone will pay
Not me

In round 3
The swamis bleed
And nobody cares
Not like me
Yes in round 3
The swamis bleed
They're breaking the rules and the referee
They bang their bald heads
Its a free for all
One's tied to the ropes
One's takin' a fall
Its anyone's guess it's anyone's brawl
It goes on forever
It goes to the wall

Then the echo dies as the drip dries
They're both lost in the heat

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