Yes Dear

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Yes Dear
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 2005 - 2007
Website Now Defunct website
Former Members
Ryen Slegr
Jose Galvez
Jeremiah James
Nate Greely

Yes Dear was a project that Ozma members Ryen Slegr and Jose Galvez helped form after Ozma split in late 2004.


The former Ozma members were joined by Nate Greely from Arlo and Jeremiah James from Teen Heroes to help with the project. Only 1 CD and a handful of demos were ever released by the band. Once Ozma reformed in 2006, Yes Dear announced that Ryen and Jose would be leaving the band to work on Ozma full time. In their stead, Shmedly would join to play bass for them. After almost a year of dormancy after announcing its initial lineup change, it was announced that the band would be reforming again with two new members only referred to by their first names, Simon and Whitney. While the band never formally announced the end of this project, all members involved have moved on to do different things.



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