1993 (album)

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This article is about the Salamander album. For the year, see 1993.
1993 cover
Photo by Nick Johnson
Studio album by Salamander
Released July 16, 2019
Recorded 1993
Length 44:35
Label Bodan Kuma Recordings
Producer(s) Andrew Gross

1993 is the debut and only album by the band Salamander. The album was initially recorded in 1993 but was not officially released until 2019.


Sisters Petra and Rachel Haden (daughters of jazz musician Charlie Haden) met brothers Scott and Sean Wheatley in high school. Tanya Haden, triplet sister of Petra and Rachel, plays cello on the album[1].

The opening track, "Cherry Llama," previously saw release in 1996 on the compilation Closet Pop Freak, issued by Pop.Psycle Records[2].

Press release

Salamander has released their debut album, 1993, originally recorded in 1993, through Bodan Kuma Records. Unmastered, lo-fi versions of songs from the album have been shared for years, so the band felt it was the right time to shine up these classic gems and release them commercially for the first time. One song in particular included on this album is "Cherry Llama," which received airplay on KROQ "Locals Only" and Rodney Bingenheimer's show "Little Steven's Underground Garage" on Sirius XM channel 23.[3]

Track listing

All songs by Rachel Haden, Petra Haden, Sean Wheatley, Scott Wheatley, except where noted[4].

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Cherry Llama"    3:03
2. "Say My Name Awhile"  Scott Wheatley, Sean Wheatley, Nick Johnson 4:23
3. "I Will Ride"    4:01
4. "Hand Glides"    3:24
5. "Sun Rain"    4:04
6. "Fog"    4:15
7. "Crawl"    4:59
8. "Telltale Signs"    2:01
9. "Glow"    3:15
10. "In My Hand"    3:02
11. "Laughing Alone"    3:11
12. "Orange"  Scott Wheatley, Sean Wheatley, Christa Deitrick 3:44
13. "Sun Rain II"  Scott Wheatley, Sean Wheatley, Andrew Gross 2:13
Total length:



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