ABC Recovery interview with Rivers Cuomo - 1996

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Rivers Cuomo is interviewed by Dylan Lewis on ABC TV's Recovery during Weezer's 1996 Australian tour. Fans typically call the results of this interview "disastrous."


Dylan Lewis: Like you to make very welcome, a very special guest, who has stopped over on the way to Livid. Please make welcome, River. Hello. River Weezer! Thanks for dropping in. Are you like actually waiting for a plane as we speak?

Rivers: Yes.

Dylan Lewis: Sorry. Sorry about that. It's ver- Weezer. Weezer is the band that River is from.

He picks up copy of Pinkerton and holds it up to the camera.

Dylan Lewis: And um, all the way from Los Angeles. LA. How are the gigs there? Here I mean?

Rivers: The gigs here?

Dylan Lewis: Yes.

Rivers: They're good.

Dylan Lewis: Are they good? You've done a couple-

Rivers: We're still a little sleepy from jet lag.

Dylan Lewis: Really? I can't tell.

Rivers: Um, drink enough Jagermeister and I think we have a good time.

Dylan laughs

Dylan Lewis: That's good. Now these guys um formed in LA, on the 14 February '92. Now how come you went on a date on that day? 'Cause it was Valentine's day. Was it just a blokey thing you were doing? Forming a band?

Rivers: Um, It's-

Dylan Lewis: It's a long time ago to remember that.

Rivers: I think we were even oblivious of what day it was but just looking back on it, seems like a nice coincidence.

Dylan Lewis: Yeah. I noticed that, and picked up on it but... It's not a love thing then. Um, did you go to LA to become rock stars? I understand you originally weren't from LA.

Rivers: Yeah, as soon as I graduated high school, I uh, went across the country to LA to-

Someone on set hands Rivers a bunch of flowers. The audience giggles.

Rivers: -become a rock star.

Dylan Lewis: And it was specifically to be a rock star?

Rivers: Yeah.

Dylan Lewis: Mmm. Wow. Is it an easy job being a rock star?

Rivers: Eh-

Dylan Lewis: You get flowers and stuff.

Rivers: It's easier than other jobs I've had-

Dylan Lewis: Yeah hosting shows and stuff yeah. And is a rewarding job?

Rivers: Um, yeah. It's very rewarding.

Dylan Lewis: I'm glad 'cause you guys did 250 gigs in about a year and half. That doesn't sound easy to me. Where were you touring in that time?

Rivers: Mostly the United States.

Dylan Lewis: Yeah, all over the place. And world?

Rivers: No. In Europe-

Dylan Lewis: Europe.

Rivers: -United States.

Dylan Lewis: Europe is world.

Rivers: This is our first time in Australia.

Dylan Lewis: Yeah?

Rivers: Then we go to Japan. That will be fun.

Dylan Lewis: It will be fun. Um, um. I'm gonna just go through quickly here.

He flips through pages of his questions.

Dylan Lewis: 'Cause we're running out of time - Pinkerton. Are we allowed to say that on air? As I understand your having trouble with that name.

Rivers: Yeah. Today we're still allowed to say it.

Dylan Lewis: I'm glad. Pinkerton is the album. Um, debuted at number 19 on the U.S. billboard charts and number 44 on the ARIA charts. When was that recorded?

Rivers: That was recorded last September, last December and April and June.

Dylan Lewis: Wow. A long recording process. LA, Boston and New York ??? recorded ???.

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