Father Time

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"Father Time"
Father Time cover
Album track by Avant Garde
Album The Purple Demo
Released 1988
Recorded July 3-July 16, 1988 at Trod Nossel Studios, Wallingford, CT
Length 8:50
Label None
Status Officially released
The Purple Demo track listing
"Standing In The Paris Rain"
"Father Time"
"Never Forget"

"Father Time" is the fourth track from Avant Garde's second demo, The Purple Demo.




Time passes by
And to hear its silent cry
?? far below, our sands are running slow

Night after night
Watching the days go by
Centuries alone

Though my eye
Sees not what goes ???
Silence to ???
Knows not what slips away

Night after night
Verses misplaced by time
Let them remain
No rearrange

Father, what will I do?

Can you tell, can you tell the time?
Can you try to release the spell?
??? a thousand bells
Can you tell, can you tell the time?
Double time to release my mind
Can you tell, can you tell the time?
Is there any time for me to find?

Father, what will I do?

??? Father clock, it reads
Four seconds fast
But still, I've enough time to ???
Many revolutions ???

Your time is up

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