Free Fall

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"Free Fall"
Free Fall cover
Album track by Avant Garde
Album The Purple Demo
Released 1988
Recorded July 3-July 16, 1988 at Trod Nossel Studios, Wallingford, CT
Length 2:21
Label None
Status Officially released
The Purple Demo track listing
"Never Forget"
"Free Fall"

"Free Fall" is the sixth track from Avant Garde's second demo, The Purple Demo. The song cuts off before the end and is not listed on the cassette label.




Flying too high with wings of gold
My treasure melts in the sun
And into my flight I fall from the sky
Look out world, here I come

Thirst for poison winds unknown
That could blow you from the sky
But I'll take that chance; I know where I am
Although, I don't know why

I'm falling faster
I'm falling to my knees

I'm falling
To my knees
I'm falling
What do I got to lose?

Trying to fly when my wings fold
But still the strength eludes me
I stray from my plans but wait for the night
To finally set me free

An overcast way to my...

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