Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 4

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Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 4
Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 cover
Studio album by various
Released July 21, 2009
Recorded various
Label Guitar Center, ArtiSans Label
Producer(s) various

Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 is a CD compilation released by Guitar Center in 2009.


The CD was comprised of songs performed by musicians employed by Guitar Center. Additionally, the 2000 Weezer demo "Everybody Go Away" was featured. Former Weezer guitarist Jason Cropper, then employed as a Pro Account Manager at Guitar Center West LA, also appears on the compilation with the song "She'd Be Good for Me".

Track listing

  1. "Everybody Go Away" - Weezer
  2. "She'd Be Good for Me" - Jason Cropper
  3. "Skingod" - Ghost
  4. "The Diamond Studded King" – The Substance
  5. "Back to the Past" – William Wiegand
  6. "The War" – Brett Pearson
  7. "No Second Guessin'" – Trunk Bound Regime
  8. "Way Down" – Googutz
  9. "Country Song" – The Union City All Stars
  10. "Bill Collector" – Natives of the New Dawn
  11. "On The Edge" – Law of Destruction
  12. "Rafters and Roofbeams" – Size
  13. "Purity" – Benjamin Strange
  14. "Romeo and Juliet" – The Lifeline
  15. "Wasted Daylight" – Brace The Fall
  16. "The New American Standard" – Collin Kravis
  17. "Game Has Changed" – Flamer
  18. "In Search Of..." – Tension Head