Everybody Go Away

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"Everybody Go Away"
Everybody Go Away cover
Demo by Weezer
Album Guitar Center: Fresh Cuts Vol. 4
Released July 21, 2009
Format CD
Recorded October 30, 2000
Length 2:10
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 500
COR# 193
Producer Neil Young
Status Officially released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Mad Kow"
(RC# 499)
"Everybody Go Away"
(RC# 500)
"Comin' Home"
(RC# 501)

"Everybody Go Away" is a Green Album-era demo by Weezer.


"Everybody Go Away" (originally titled "Ev'rybody Go Away") was recorded in Rivers' garage in Los Angeles on October 30, 2000 in preparation for the recording sessions for The Green Album. The song was never attempted in the studio.

Almost nine years later the demo was released on the compilation CD Fresh Cuts Vol. 4 that was given out for free at Guitar Center locations.

And no, the Neil Young credited as producer is not the mutton-chop-sportin', flannel-wearin' godfather of grunge.


Everybody go away
There's just one thing I can say
I wanna be alone
And turn off all my phones
and sit around and space out all the day

Everybody shut your mouth
I'm vacationing down south
Where nobody talks, moves around or walks
Heavier than feathers on the sea

If you left it up to me
I'd turn on everyone
If you left it, wild and free
I'd break that chain and burn this all