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san francisco warped tour

san francisco, ca - warped tour 2000

weezer - crowd shirt
weezer - group shirt

Hey Guys, I just wanted to tell you that I almost gave up hope that weezer would ever even be a band again! After coming to your site a couple months ago I found that Weezer was getting ready to tour and luckly they were coming to San Francisco! Well, needles to say, I went and saw one of the greatest bands ever last Friday. I never got a chance to see them in the past as I had a busy band that took all of my time. There were a lot of people who saw them in the past and told me that they sucked live and they weren't very interesting. Well, I have no idea what they were talkin' about because they were amazing! I mean, I thought the kids this weekend wouldn't even know or care about Weezer but boy was I wrong! All I heard al day long was talk about Weezer from everyone. All the kids were buying t-shirts and what about the line of kids waiting to get autographs from them, it was crazy! And to top it all off was the fact that they headlined over all of the bands! Sincerely, Jeffrey Fletcher
I went to the Van's Warped Tour in SF on July 1st, and weezer was clearly the highlight of the day. This was the set list (the order might be a little off)
My Name Is Jonas
El Scorcho
No One Else
Say It Ain't So
In The Garage
Buddy Holly
Undone (sweater song)
Surf Wax America

Every member of weezer now has essentially the same haircut (even Mikey, except his hair is curly). Pat's hair looks smooth as silk.

Most of the bands at the Warped Tour swore incessantly in order to gain applause, but =w=only swore once during their entire set (Mikey said something about "crazy mother-f__ers"). On the way to the show, we heard MxPx interviewed on Live 105, the local alternative radio station. When asked about their favorite band on the tour, the reply was, "We've liked weezer a lot."

Weezer was on at 6:45pm, the last band of the day, but EVERYBODY stuck around to see them. All of the weezer T-shirts were sold out by the end of the day. Brian had panache, as usual (man, that guy is one cool-cool m-f-er). He sounded great, and looked as if in an intimate relationship with his guitar. Weezer was scheduled to autograph at a booth at 4pm, and the line was ridiculously long by 2:30pm. Every song sounded GREAT.

Before Surf Wax America, Mikey explained to the audience that this was weezer's last Warped Tour date. He also said that they all had a great time, and thanked everyone from the tour for allowing weezer to be a part of it. It was a classy little speech.

Thanks... Blake jediyoda@cheerful.com


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