Historic event: 07/03/1994

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dgc rarities vol. 1 is released w/ "jamie"

david geffen records released a compilation cd with rare or never before heard tracks by many of their artists on this day. included in the bunch was a song by none other than the rock 'n roll powerhouse known as weezer. also on this cd was a song by a band that many weezer fans probably did not know quite yet, but who would become quite familiar in the upcoming years...the band i'm referring to is that dog.


the song by weezer on this album is 'jamie," which some consider to be the best b-side. it's a sweet and touching song about the band's lawyer. it's also notable because it is the only existing recording released with long since departed guitarist jason cropper. [who, as you know, was replaced by brian bell early in the blue album recording days]

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