Historic event: 07/09/1992

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weezer show #11: Club Dump [The Central], Hollywood

Club Dump was held Thursday nights at the Central, a Sunset Strip club in Hollywood that much later was bought, re-modeled, and reopened as the Viper Room. Way back then it was anything but glamorous, in fact it was pretty skanky! But it was one of the very few clubs that had a booking policy that made any sense, and who actually sort of catered to non-glam/metal bands. The club was run by a curious guy whose name was Yowsah! [including the "!"]. Yowsah! used to be roomates with some members of Wax, and he was originally from Hawaii. He led a sort of dirgy punk band called "Methadone Cocktail", and part of playing his Club Dump shows was often sharing the bill with his band.

Club Dump had a video camera operator who would take overly special effected videos of bands shows, if bands ponied up $10 for the tape. Weezer almost always went for the deal. This show was videotaped. Several stills from this are shown below.


1.The World Has Turned
2.Lets Sew Our Pants Together
5. Say It Aint So
6. Only In Dreams

"Undone" had a super long intro, due to Rivers' amp blowing up. After securing the permission to use another bands amp he returned to the stage and the intro riff had been going for several minutes. He said "This riff doesnt get old, does it?" Jason replied "Now you have to play through a Carvin! ha ha ha!"

This show was the first weezer show that was attended by the wonderful Mykel and Carli Allan, who went on to be the original Weezer Fanclub's presidents.

also on the bill were Wayne, Loungefly, and 12 And Counting.

2 flyer variations: L: "official" #1, by Matt, L: "official" #2 by Pat Finn.
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