Historic event: 09/07/1994

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undone single is released

the undone single was weezer's first ever professional rock music release (yessir a proffesional rock release). the uk single contained the songs: undone-the sweater song, mykel & carli, susanne (1st ver.), and holiday (lp version). the oldest of these songs is undone which was being played as far back as 1992 live, and on studio outakes and such. undone was recorded in the fall of 1993, and the rest of the bsides later that year.

early versions of undone actually contained cartoon character voices in the intro, but copyright problems couldn't be cleared so the conversation (as heard on the lp "weezer") intro was inserted (matt, karl, and mykel talking). the song would have been scrapped had the new intro not been specially handed during the final mixing sessions in october (for full details see weezine #3). the radio edit of undone was shortened in the intro for time purposes, which weezer later argued, so there are wrong edit 3:58 versions, and longer 4:10 versions correct that radio stations later used. the uk also released weezer's first vinyl excurion with an undone 7".

the b-sides for this single were produced in mid-summer 1994. the 2 day session produced a non-cropper version of mykel & carli, the first version of susanne, and a sweet adeline's cover of "my evaline". up to the last pinkerton single, my evaline was pat wilson's second vocal performance on a weezer song (the first being a brief part in"the world has turned and left me here").

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