Historic event: 09/21/1992

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weezer show #23: Club Lingerie, Hollywood

Club Lingerie was located on Sunset Blvd, a good deal east of the Sunset Strip, more in the center of Hollywood. It was in the rock business for many years before being taken over and is now some sort of gentlemen's club or something. This was the second of several Lingerie shows in the '92-'94 era.

setlist: not known except for that the band played "Conversationalist", their version of Wax's "So Much Talk" on this night, for Wax who were in the audience. Also it was Matt's birthday, so surely post show partying occured. It was noted that this show had a "good draw", likely due to it being a free Monday night show, and that the "sound guy was an idiot". Unfortunatley there are no known pictures, flyers or other info about this show!

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