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Years active 2001–present
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i.v.league (also: iv league, ivleague, i.v. league) was an infamous, yet beloved poster on several Weezer message boards. He or she is the originator of the now popular style of weezer board posting, which involves creating absurdly long-winded and misspelled narratives incorporating incorrect grammar and punctuation, usually realized in multiple clashing colors and which is often paired with animated gifs and embeded sounds. i.v.league was a member of the online community during the weezer.com and Weezer Nation message board eras. He or she largely influenced pony eyelashes and the two went on to work as a team in the creation of multimedia threads, websites and other digital projects.

i.v.league is known to have been responsible for other weezer board trolling entities such as 'poodle explosion' and 'golden guitar'.

Notable contributions to the community

  • Is largely responsible for the same type of inane and nonsensical humour that is still a part of message boards like atnatnw.
  • Started the catch phrase usage of the term 'Y'all' on weezer boards everywhere.
  • Created many popular misspellings of Weezer members, including Matt Sarp, Riler Cumo, etc.
  • Extensive use of the tilde character (~).
  • Created the 'Fat Rivers' contest, which invited posters to compete to create the most realistic photoshopped image of Rivers' on a fat man's body.
  • Was known to team up with pony eyelashes on websites and other projects such as the creation of the "The Poodle Posse".
  • Known for an avatar of an animated cyclist endlessly peddling forward into the distance.
  • Co-created a thread with pony eyelashes~ which acted as his personal webpage complete with a blog, photo gallery and guest book.
  • Co-created an actual website with pony eyelashes, which embellished on several of their earlier creations, styles and themes.
  • Created a large quantities of fake unreleased Weezer material in the form of song titles and lyrics.
  • Was a big inspiration on pony eyelashes in the creation of his/her character.
Winner of i.v.'s 'Fat Rivers' Contest.

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