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L-R: Mikey Welsh, Billy O'Malley, Todd Perlmutter
Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts
Years active 1995
Genre(s) Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge
Label(s) CherryDisc Records
Former Members
Billy O'Malley (guitar, lead vocals)
Mikey Welsh (bass)
Todd Perlmutter (drums)
This page is about the band. For the eponymous album, see Jocobono (album)

Jocobono was a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts featuring former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh.


Jocobono was formed by guitarist/vocalist Billy O'Malley, bassist Mikey Welsh, and drummer Todd Perlmutter in 1995 after they each started to dislike the bands they were in as they started to fall apart. The group had known each other for years, each attending each other's shows in the Boston area, before attending frequent rehearsal sessions and forming the band. The band recorded one album together, Jocobono, and released it on the now defunct Boston-based label CherryDisc Records. The band had not come up with a name during recording, and had many struggles coming up with one that had not already been taken:

"We had a list of names, and we were just getting pissed off. We’d decide on something, and then our lawyer would look it up and someone else from California would already be called that. Everyone we knew was helping us try to think of a name." -Mikey Welsh

The band's label needed the cover artwork for distribution to promote the band, and the band still didn't have a name. Todd supposedly came up with the name Jocobono at the last minute, before presenting the artwork with the new name to their label:

We had a deal ready and had an artwork deadline. I needed the cover for some kind of distribution shit, and we still didn’t know the name. I bring him the disc with all the artwork, and he goes, 'Hey, that’s not right. Is that your band name?' I’m like, 'Yeah, didn’t I tell you? Oh, I forgot to tell you?! It’s JOCOBONO!'" - Todd Perlmutter


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