KROQ interview with Supersport 2000 - 1995

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The members of Supersport 2000 (Cherielynn Westrich, Rod Cervera, Mike Fletcher, and Graciela Germann) were interviewed live on KROQ during their "Music From Your Own Backyard" event during an unknown date, most likely 1995. The audio is featured as the 9th track on the Supersport 2000 online bootleg Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997) under the title "Interview".



The audio fades in part way through a sentence being spoken by Cherielynn Westrich. An instrumental loop of "Seatbelt" is playing in the background.

Cherielynn: ...would describe our sound as. Okay, we have a lot of girl vocals, some guy vocals, and it's poppy, and, what is it? Melodic? Hmm?

Mike: It's like, melodic pop...

Cherielynn: Heavy!

Rod: So-called alternative, pop...

Cherielynn: Yeah...

Rod: ...power pop.

Cherielynn: ...alternative, power rock, pop.

Rod: I guess our musical influences are based on what a typical, like, suburban kid would listen to as far as like, y'know, the old bands that we used listen to. Like, everybody, when we were- liked Rush and Zeppelin and Van Halen and stuff. And not that we sound like any of those bands, or anything, y'know...

Cherielynn: Yeah.

Rod: ...we're not art-rock or anything, we- we don't- we're pretty uh- y'know, straight forward. I think we're very unpretentious, and-

Rod is cut off by a short clip of "Seatbelt".

Cherielynn: I think most of our songs end up being about cars, and uh...

Graciela: And surfing.

Cherielynn: ...and surfing. And then, either boys or girls, whoever's writing, if Rod writes it's always about some girl, and if I write them it's always about some car.

Another short clip of "Seatbelt" is played.

Mike: The Rentals thing was fun, though, I mean it was a great experience to- to tour.

Rod: Yeah, I mean we got- I think we got- we probably got a little spoiled 'cause...

Mike: A lot spoiled.

Rod: ...y'know, the way The Rentals kinda took off real fast with their "Friends of P." doing pretty good, and so we started off in a bus, and, now...

Cherielynn: Yeah.

Rod: ...we're gonna tour, we're probably- y'know, we'll be in a van and, y'know, we're going back.

Cherielynn: Especially- you play all these big clubs and get in a tour bus and then- now I know we're gonna be in a station wagon and-

Rod: Going back to clubs.

Mike: It's amazing to have people loading your equipment around and...

Cherielynn: Yeah, that's the weirdest thing.

Mike: ...I mean, I didn't have to lift a finger, really.

Cherielynn: It'd get embarrassing at some points, like, you wanted to just help out, like, 'cause you get so used to loading your own equipment around and then it's like "woah, uh, okay, I don't have to do that?". Once, I fell backwards under my- Ampeg cabinet...

Rod: Yeah, her amp it's like, five- five feet tall...

Cherielynn: ...and I was trapped, laying on the stage.

Graciela: With her arms and legs sticking out.

Rod: ...weighs about 150 pounds, it fell on top of her.

Cherielynn: And someone finally lifted it up after everyone was laughing.

An audio transition plays.

Radio Host: Supersport 2000 on 106.7 KROQ, if you did not quite understand what they were saying, uh, members of that band were also- and still are in The Rentals. Alright, here's "Seatbelt" from Supersport 2000, it's "Music From Your Own Backyard" on KROQ.

"Seatbelt" starts playing.

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