Karl's Corner - 01/18/2012

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2012/01/18 The Island Of The Day Before The Weezer Cruise

Well, what was once just an idea so crazy it just might work, now looms overhead, in the form of the Carnival Destiny cruise ship, home of the Weezer Cruise that launches tomorrow out of Miami Florida! Tomorrow? Yes indeed. Somehow the months of anticipation and preparation have finally ended, and its time to get on the boat and do the dang thing.

Unless youve been living on the Moon recently (and if you have, how was it?), you have probably heard about the cruise and all the amazing stuff thats gonna go down on it for 4 action packed days. We're super excited to be accompanied by Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Gene Ween and Dave Dreiwitz, Wavves, The Antlers, Yuck, Free Energy, Boom Bip, J. Mascis (Solo Acoustic), Lou Barlow, Keepaway, Ozma, The Nervous Wreckords, The Knocks, Sleeper Agent and Yacht Rock Revue, all of whom like weezer will be playing multiple shows over the 4 day adventure at sea.

Weezer's 3 shows will be featuring Blue and Pinkerton full album performances, and rarities and favorites as picked by cruise goers last month by poll, plus Memories style slideshows by yours truly during the Pinkerton show intermissions.

Then theres the photos with weezer, Q+A with weezer, Cozumel adventures, activities with all the bands including 5 with weezer: Scott's vow renewal, Pats Shuffleboard Tournament, Brians Movie night, Rivers's Pinkerton Diaries reading, and Cruise Family Feud with Magic Hugs, Pat, Scott, Brian, and Josh. Plus the weezer trivia contest I will be hosting. Plus 4 DJ sets (2 of which are by yours truly, spinning everything good under the sun including some weezer related rarities), a live podcast recording, a mini weezer museum of old and rare items, not to mention all the stuff thats normally on the Carnival Destiny - pools, waterslides, casinos, bars, nightclubs, sun deck, spas, unlimited free food, etc etc! Check the schedule out here.

Cruise People: we will be seeing you shortly! Everyone else: wish you were here! We'll post up pics, videos, etc here on weezer.com to share the fun... and we hope all you cruise goers do too!